Job searching fucking sucks. This article makes me think about it differently– even though my Brother has told me these things before. Sometimes it takes awhile to sink in.  The first and last point really resonates. It’s taking me much, much longer than I anticipated to get a job in the music industry. But I got to experience a few different things along the way: interning at 2 completely different companies, doing a photo shoot for a clothing line, and befriending someone who has an MBA and learning about small businesses. I chose to not go the typical route., but I know where I want to be.

Click the link below for the whole article.

5 Ways To Improvise Your Way To Success


Whether it’s through small gestures, such as trying new foods, or by taking bigger risks, such as traveling or moving to a foreign country, Cook says trying different things broadens your perspective.

“Eventually, you’ll have more ideas than everyone else because you’ve experienced more,” says Cook. “Most ideas are created by looking at something existing in a new and different way. When you amass life experiences, you draw from a larger database.”


When it comes to finding your dream job, there are many different ways of getting there, says Cook. He suggests that people think of their career like a vacation. If the whole itinerary is planned, the hotels are booked and the museums are chosen, you end up with a cookie-cutter experience. But if you go off the beaten path, you’ll meet people and find places you never knew existed.

The difference between improvising and drifting? “Knowing where you want to end up,” says Cook. “But life is much more interesting if you don’t have a map for every step of the way.”


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