You don’t realize how much stuff you accumulate and hoard until you clean. I hold onto things for a long time because I stash everything into some sort of storage box or vintage suitcase.


I’ve been obsessed with Hello Kitty since I was little. These are the random things that I thought were cute and that I would use one day.. And sometimes friends like to buy me miscellaneous hello kitty things.


I like to do my own nails because it’s another way to express myself. Oddly enough, this cute box holds the polishes I don’t use often.


I finally got a box for the random craft things I’ve been collecting. I don’t know when I’ll actually use this stuff.. but it’s there.


I followed a lot of bands from the beginning when they released their first EP or full length. Can’t believe some of these stickers and buttons are 8 years old.. and at least half of the bands I listened to broke up..



I’ve held onto just about every ticket stub since my first concert in 2006.. it’s crazy how much my taste has changed and grown. I love that tours always have a stop in SoCal.. getting excited about tour announcements and figuring out whether I need to go to LA or Anaheim or San Diego was a thing.


I’m a fan of good old pen and paper. I really like these witty post-its.. they’re funny but also very practical. I’ve accumulated quite a bit of different types of to-do lists over time..



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