It’s been at least eight years since we’ve talked. He messaged me online out of the blue last week and apologized for neglecting our friendship after we started high school. It really surprised me how much he remembers and that he still cares. I honestly thought he forgot about me even though I’ve thought about him every once and awhile.

It was really nice catching up  for a few hours.. it was like I was talking to the same best friend again. It’s crazy how after all this time, he still gets me. I think even I forgot how close we were. Looking back, I wish I tried harder to help him. I didn’t know how to.. but I wish I did more.

I open up to so few people. But the people that are in my life, I care about more than they know. In general, you come across very few people who just get you. Understand you. Know you. And they’re the ones who will always find a place in your life.



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